iPool Editions in Comparison

With iPool you are free to choose between the ”Advanced” and ”Ultimate” editions.

Each edition offers a different range of features and performance capabilities. Simply select the edition that best matches your needs and budget.

And don’t worry if you’re not sure right now which edition is the right one for you. Just get started with either one of them. You can change editions later if you like, and with no interruption in service. Feel free to switch from iPool Advanced to iPool Ultimate or the other way around. *

iPool Advanced

The professional edition with powerful features.

iPool Advanced contains many clever features that enable you to get started successfully with your promotion right away.

iPool Ultimate

Even more features, analysis tools and setting options.

Perfect for everyone who wishes to run their promotion even more conveniently, efficiently, and with more analysis tools and individual setting options.

The Differences between the iPool Editions in Detail

Note: The comparison chart does not include all the iPool features, but instead only the differences between the two iPool editions. You can find a description of all the features available in iPool on the following pages:

A clear and concise overview of your releases iPool Advanced iPool Ultimate
View essential information about each release
The album overview is where your media and business partners will find the cover artwork, artist, title, label and the release date for each of your releases.
View each release's genre
Listen to and download releases right on the overview page
Find releases
Your media partners can easily find music selections of a certain artist, label or genre. This means that they can rapidly locate suitable music titles across your entire repertoire.
Protected member area
All your releases, media files and information can be made available to your media and business partners in a protected area, whereas each recipient will obtain an individual, unique login.
Show your music catalog to public users
Give anyone quick and convenient access to your music – with no need to register or log in.

If you wish, you can let anyone, anywhere in the world browse through your catalog, preview your music, and get valuable information about your releases any time they like. What’s more, unregistered media and business partners can easily search your music catalog using a number of different criteria. This gives licensees and others fast access throughout your repertoire to the kinds of music titles they’re trying to find.
The details page of a release
View essential information about a release
The details page of a release is where your media and business partners will find the cover artwork, artist, title, label, and release date for each of your releases.
View additional important information
The details page also gives your recipients additional important information, such as genre, playing time, catalog number, UPC/EAN/JAN, copyright, links to external websites, parental advisory notice, recording location and the file size of the entire release.
Immediately listen to and download a music selection
Your recipients can instantly preview and then download an entire release or a single title.
Tracklist shows track numbers and titles
Tracklist shows additional important information
The tracklist also shows the length, format and file size of each track, as well as the total playing time of the release.
Integrate external videos
Easily insert external YouTube and Vimeo videos into the info pages of your releases.
Send e-mail to label manager
Do your media and business partners want to have direct e-mail contact with your authorized label manager? If so, then nothing could be easier. All they have to do is click the "E-Mail Label Manager" button.
Brief description for additional files
iPool can also display a brief description of any additional files (e.g. band photos, Word documents and videos).
PDF info sheet for every release
Your media and business partners can download an info sheet in PDF for every release. And the best part is you don't have to lift a finger. This is because iPool creates the PDF file for each release without requiring any input from you.
Meta data of a release automatically generated in XML format
Make the meta data of your releases available in iPool XML format. This enables your recipients, such as music download shops, to easily and automatically process the meta data of your releases.
Download a release
Easily download releases as zip files
Your recipients can download individual media files or a complete release as a zip file in no time at all. iPool creates the zip file "on the fly" during the transmission, which is why the download starts immediately and the zip file uses no additional storage space in your iPool.
Download speed
Thrill your recipients with breathtakingly fast download speeds. An entire album can be beamed through iPool Ultimate in only a few seconds. Our measurements show how iPool Ultimate achieves transfer rates of well over 10 MB per second (with a correspondingly fast internet connection on the part of the recipient). The thing that makes this kind of rapid transfer of your data possible anywhere in the world is our multiply redundant connections of an incredible 250 Gbit/s to all the major internet backbones.
0.5 MB per second
Album download time:
ca. 4 minutes
Over 10 MB per second
Album download time:
ca. 12 seconds
Automatic embedding of metadata in audio files
iPool fully automatically integrates all important metadata, including artist, title, cover image, genre and much more, into each MP3, AAC and Apple Lossless file.

This feature lets your recipients more quickly and conveniently organize and find your music in media players. In addition, your tracks will be depicted using the cover image in many media players, as well as in Windows Explorer and the macOS Finder. Another benefit: It saves you a lot of valuable time since you no longer have to manually integrate metadata.
Automatically download new releases with the media player
Provide your recipients with even more convenient access to your music selections. In addition to downloading via browser, your media and business partners can also access your music titles directly out of iTunes, Winamp or any other podcast-compatible software. The download can even take place automatically every hour – ensuring that your music titles quickly find their way to all your media partners.
Personalized settings for recipients
Recipients can choose the files to be included in the zip download of a release
Simply brilliant: When downloading an entire release, your recipients are always free to choose whether the zip file should contain just the music files or all the additional files, such as cover images, band photos and so forth.
Change own contact data
Now your contact database will always be up-to-date. Your media and business partners can edit their contact data themselves at any time. After verifying the updated information, all you need to do is to approve or reject the changes. This relieves you of having to painstakingly enter new or modified contact data.
Recipients can unsubscribe from the e-mail distribution list
Every e-mail sent from iPool contains a link at the end that allows your recipients to unsubscribe from the e-mail distribution list.
Recipients can resubscribe to the e-mail distribution list
Each recipient can choose within the iPool software whether or not to receive newsletters from you. This means that recipients are free to resubscribe to your e-mail distribution list at any time after they have clicked the unsubscribe link.
Play (stream) tracks with the iPool web player
Play (stream) tracks with your own media player (e.g. iTunes, Winamp)
Choose your preferred player
Each recipient can choose which player to use to preview the tracks.
Receive and evaluate feedback
Recipients can provide feedback using an online form
Receive direct feedback from your media partners, who can use an online form in iPool to rate your releases and submit comments.
Recipients can select the best track of a release
Detailed feedback questions for DJs
In your iPool each DJ can also indicate:

How often he uses the selection in an evening
When he will play the selection in an evening
How the audience responds
Whether the audience asks for that selection
For what DJ charts he will vote for that selection
Show pending feedback
Each recipient receives a list of releases that he or she downloaded, but has not yet rated. Recipients can use the "Feedback" button to access and open the feedback form for each release.
Optional automatic download lock-out if no feedback is provided
If you wish, you can configure your iPool so that every media and business partner who has not submitted feedback about your releases is automatically blocked from downloading your audio tracks.
Allow selected downloads automatically only after receiving feedback
Set a feedback deadline for each release
You can set a feedback deadline for each release, which will be shown to all or part of your recipients. If, for example, a recipient has not provided feedback by this deadline, then the download function will be deactivated for that recipient. You can freely choose what will happen for specific groups and pools.
Feedback summary for each release
Monitor the number of completed feedback forms and the average rating for each release.
Feedback summary for each user
Monitor the number of completed feedback forms and the average opinion of each individual user.
Show feedback forms
Examine each individual feedback response so that you will always know who rated and provided what comments about which release.
Show additional important feedback information
Find out the following important information for each individual feedback report: date of feedback, company, DJ name, best track, use per evening, time of use, audience response, chart voting.
Easy e-mail a reply to feedback
Respond promptly and directly to feedback from your media and business partners. You will find an “E-Mail” button located next to each feedback about your releases. Just click one of these to send an e‑mail to that particular recipient. Simply brilliant: iPool automatically inserts an appropriate subject line along with the recipient’s feedback as a quotation in your e‑mail reply.
Comprehensive feedback analysis
In addition to providing a tabular listing of all the feedback forms, iPool can also analyze and graphically depict the latest feedback. This lets you quickly see which user groups enjoyed the release the most, and which title was rated the best of the release.

In the case of DJs, you can also monitor how often they played the selection on a given evening, when the title was used, how the audience responded, if the audience requested the selection, and if the release was voted for in the charts.
Export feedback forms
Export all the feedback forms of a release into a CSV file for further processing, for example in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.
Create engaging feedback reports as a PDF file
You will find this to be an extremely useful feature for sharing your recipients’ feedback with others, who do not have access to your iPool. And you can conveniently archive all the accumulated feedback on your computer. Numerous options allow you to easily adapt the feedback reports to suit your individual desires.
Personalized feedback settings
Turn the feedback forms on or off for certain groups.
Turn the feedback deadlines on or off for certain groups.
Specify the user groups or pools for which the automatic download lock-out will apply.
Specify the user groups for which downloading will only be possible after feedback is provided.
Application form and application management
Choose if the link to the application form will be visible on the navigation bar
You decide if the link to the application form will be shown on the navigation bar and in turn if the application form will be accessible to the public.
Applicants may enter essential personal information
Each applicant can enter the following personal details: user name, password, company, first name, last name, country, telephone number, e-mail address, groups, and time zone.
Applicants can enter additional important information about themselves
Gather additional important data about your applicants. With iPool Ultimate you can compile the following supplementary information about each applicant: street address, postal code, city/town, mobile phone number, fax number, website, DJ name, clubs/discos, current top-5 charts, preferred genres, radio stations, radio programs, magazines, and comments made in the application.
Optional individual note text above the application form
You can change the notes that appear above the application form yourself. A default text will be shown in iPool Advanced.
View an overview table of all applications received
Get a quick rundown of all applications. This table shows all the important information about each applicant (company, first name, last name).
View additional important information in the applicant overview
Get an even better look at all the applications. This overview also shows you the following information about each applicant: date of application, user name, DJ name, street address, postal code, city/town, country, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax number, e-mail address, website, and groups.
Approve and reject applications
You can look at the information for each applicant and approve or reject the application.
Automatic notification e-mails
iPool automatically sends notifications by e-mail in the following cases:

Applicants will receive an e-mail acknowledgement of receipt after they have sent a completed application form.
All system administrators receive a notification e-mail when an application is received.
Applicants receive notification once their application has been approved or rejected.
Personalized settings for notification e-mails
Specify a personalized text, subject line and sender for all notification e-mails sent in response to a received, approved or rejected application.
User management
Create and save users (contacts) with essential information
With user management, you can record and manage all your media and business partners who are to have access to your music. This user management feature is also an excellent web-based contact database, which is available to you and your colleagues from any computer with internet access. Save and edit names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites and much more.
Record additional detailed information about each contact
Store additional important data for each contact. With iPool Ultimate you can collect the following additional information: street address, postal code, city/town, mobile phone number, fax number, DJ name, clubs/discos, current top-5 charts, preferred genres, radio stations, radio programs, magazines, and FTP access data.
Import users (basic data)
Import the contact data for your media and business partners fast and easy from numerous popular programs (such as Outlook, GMail), from almost any Excel or CSV file, from simple lists of e-mail addresses, or you can use copy and paste to import contact data from the clipboard. The importing process supports the following information: company, first name, last name, country, e-mail address, website, time zone, and groups.
Import users (additional important data)
Enjoy this easy way of importing additional important information for each contact: user name, DJ name, access (yes/no), FTP access data, street address, postal code, city/town, telephone number, mobile phone number, and fax number.
Overview table with essential information
Here is where the most important information (company, first name, last name) about each of the users in your iPool is displayed.
Overview table with additional detailed information
Find out more important information about each contact: user name, DJ name, street address, postal code, city/town, country, e-mail address, groups, pools, website, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax number, feedback, last login, creation date, last update, access (yes/no).
Find users (basic functions)
Quickly locate specific users. Search your contact database by company name, first name, last name, e-mail address, groups and pools.
Find users (enhanced options)
In addition you can quickly find contacts in your contact database by DJ name, postal code, city/town, user name, country or newsletter setting.
Create address labels
Send promo CDs, promotional gifts and merchandising articles to your media and business partners by printing address labels directly out of iPool.
Management of releases
Create a release with essential meta data
Create your releases in iPool and add the artist, title, label, description and the release date for each release.
Input and store additional important meta data
Store additional important meta data for your releases: genre, copyright (P), copyright ©, catalog number, UPC/EAN/JAN, licensed territories, parental advisory notices, recording location, and invisible comments (which are visible to you and other administrators, but not to recipients).
Input multilingual descriptions (international / German)
Upload cover artwork for each release
Automatic reduction of image file size
iPool automatically reduces cover artwork to a sensible format and saves you the effort of having to change the size of your image files yourself.
Configurable image file size and quality
Provide links to related websites
Give your recipients even more information about your music. Easily add links to related websites for each release. Set links to such informative things as the artist’s website or their YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Once added, iPool shows the web links on the release’s info page under the headline “Web Links”. With one click on the link, visitors are taken straight to the respective website. And that is where your recipients can learn even more about your music.
Integrate external videos
Easily insert external YouTube and Vimeo videos into the info pages of your releases.
Overview table with essential information about your releases
Get an overview that shows you the basic information about your releases: artist, title, tracklist, additional files, access list, feedback information, and storage space used.
View additional important information in the overview table
You may also choose to have the following columns shown: cover, label, genre, release date, creation date, and creator.
View editing and newsletter history
You can view a detailed history of the editing and newsletters for each release. This feature provides you with a quick, yet comprehensive, look at all of a release’s changes and newsletters.

Easily find out, for instance, if you have already sent newsletters about a release and, if so, to which recipients.

It also makes it easy for you to track when which groups and pools were added or removed from the access list. And you can also see how many recipients were in the access list at any given time.

You can use this feature when collaborating in a team to see at a glance how and when which of your coworkers changed a release, added tracks, modified access lists or sent newsletters.
Reduce the size of releases (and quickly free up storage space)
This feature enables you to easily reduce the size of releases in order to free up storage space. This function is useful when you need free storage space for new releases and don't want to completely remove existing releases. When you reduce the size of a release, iPool deletes all of the audio files in the release, making the freed-up storage space available for new releases. However, the release itself remains in your iPool. A reduced release takes up only a minimum amount of storage space.
Find own releases
This search function helps you rapidly find specific releases. It is especially useful when you are managing a large number of releases in iPool. Search by a release's artist, title, genre or label.
Import releases
If you are currently using a different software to manage your music catalog, you can use the import function to rapidly and directly import your existing music catalog into iPool. In the process, iPool imports audio files, cover images and all meta data in iPool XML standard.
Export releases
This function lets you export your iPool music catalog so that you can use it in other programs. Besides exporting your entire music catalog, you can also just export individual releases.
Create and edit tracklists
Store essential meta data for each track
iPool stores the track number and title for each of your tracks.
Store additional important meta data for each track
iPool also stores meta data such as the file format, ISRC and tempo for each of your tracks.
View track number and title
View additional important information for each track
iPool also shows the following meta data for each of your tracks:

BPM (tempo)
Length of the download version
File size of the download version
Bitrate of the download version
Length of the preview version
File size of the preview version
Bitrate of the preview version
Total playing time of the release
Amount of storage space used by the release
Administrators can preview/download their own tracks
Create preview versions automatically
iPool can automatically generate a sample for previewing (including fade-in and fade-out) based on the download version. You can select the quality and length of the sample. Thanks to iPool, the strenuous, manual creation of preview versions is a thing of the past.
Configurable preview versions
You are free to choose the preview version's start time, length, bitrate and stereo/mono characteristics. The preview versions in iPool Advanced are always generated in full length and with a bitrate of 128 kBit/s.
Upload files fast and easy
Upload files with a browser
Use a browser to easily and conveniently upload your music and other files in one go.
Upload files with an FTP program
Easily upload your music and other files in one go with Windows Explorer or an FTP program, such as FileZilla or Cyberduck.
Supports major file formats (MP3, JPG, TIFF, PNG, PDF)
Supports many other file formats
Audio: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA (Windows Media Audio), Monkey's Audio
Documents: Word, Excel, RTF, HTML, Text, OpenOffice, XML, CSV
Image: GIF, BMP, Photoshop, SVG, PostScript
Video: MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, WMV (Windows Media Video)
Archiving: ZIP, RAR, StuffIt, Bzip
Others: Executables (.exe), Traktor
Make additional files available
Stores essential meta data for each file
iPool stores the file name and file format for each file.
Overview table with essential information
You can find the file name and format for each additional file in the overview table.
File sizes and brief descriptions
Find out the size of each individual file along with the total size of all the files. And if you wish, you can even add a brief description for each file which your media and business partners will be able to see later.
Make changes to file names and brief descriptions
Administrators can download their own files
Access lists and access rights
Access list for each release
Specify exactly which user groups, pools or selected individual users should have access to which releases and to what degree.
More comprehensive access control
Easily activate access for users in specific countries or with certain genre preferences, or for those who provide input for music chart rankings.
E-mail and newsletter functions
Send e-mail to a single recipient
Send e-mail newsletters to a release's access list
Once you have determined who will have access to a release based on the access list, you can then use iPool to easily make your recipients aware of a new release via e-mail.
Send e-mail newsletters to pools
Easily send newsletters to one or more pools.
Distribute newsletters more productively
Easily restrict newsletter distribution to a part of your access list for a given release, or to part of selected pools. You can also use newsletters to keep recipients in specific countries, user groups and pools informed. And you can mix and match these criteria any way you like while regularly monitoring which recipients meet the criteria that you have set. This feature gives you even greater control over who receives which newsletter.
Present a release in a newsletter
Present multiple releases in a single newsletter
Easily send newsletters that contain one or more releases at a time.
Convenient access to releases without logging in
Your recipients only need to click “Open this promo” in the newsletter. The release will open immediately in the browser. All the relevant actions will then be available: preview, download, submit feedback, and many more. A password must only be entered to access more extensive features, such as viewing all releases or editing one’s profile.
Protected access to releases via login
To give your music added protection, you can also send newsletters that require recipients to log in before they can access the release.
E-mail templates
Create and manage e-mail templates that you can use over and over again for future mailings.
Personalized e-mails (special placeholders)
Send out personalized e-mails by using a placeholder that iPool replaces with the first name of each individual recipient.
Other useful placeholders
Use several placeholders in the text and subject line of your e-mails, which iPool then automatically replaces with the actual values when the e-mails are sent.

iPool supports the following placeholders: #lastname#, #style#, #voteuntil#, #artist#, #title#, #label#, #description-de#, #description-en# and #releasedate#.
Follow-up e-mails
Send e-mails in only a few clicks to all those users who either took or didn’t take selected actions for a specific release. You can send e-mails, for example, to all users who have already downloaded a given release. Or remind by e-mail all those users who have not responded to or left feedback about a release. It’s very easy to do and requires only a couple of clicks.
Priority in the queue
You can change the queue priority if you like. If you send out several mailings one after the other, you can use the priority feature to set which mailing will be sent first.
E-mail buttons in download protocols
Open e-mail outbox
The e-mail outbox gives you an overview of the messages you have sent.
Last 14 days All e-mails
E-mail outbox displays important information
You will find the following information in the e-mail outbox: sender, recipient, subject, format (pure text / graphical elements), status, and date.
E-mail outbox shows additional detailed information
Find additional important information about the e-mails you have sent in the e-mail outbox, including the type of e-mail (manual/automatic), priority, and a display of automatic system e-mails (login reminders, notifications about applications).
View and delete sent e-mails
Cancel the pending distribution of e-mails
Thorough analysis of your e-mail domain
iPool continuously analyzes your e-mail address domain to determine if it is optimally configured for sending e-mails. If the SPF record is not in order, you will receive a warning notice when sending e-mails. The warning notice includes instructions on how you should modify the SPF record for your e-mail domain.
Automated delivery via FTP
Automated delivery via FTP to users such as music download shops or radio stations
Deliver to your media and business partners securely and automatically via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), the open standard for file transfers.

This feature turns iPool into a valuable tool for delivering directly to music download shops online - and with no transfer of rights or paying of expensive licensing fees to an aggregator. Simply conclude a direct sales agreement with music download shops and you can deliver to them via FTP in a flash. You can even supply radio stations via FTP in an easy and uncomplicated manner. In addition to pure audio files, you can also transmit many other files such as cover images, video clips, and meta data.
Store FTP access data for each user
Enter the FTP server, FTP user names and the FTP password in user management. You will then be able to deliver to these to users via FTP in a flash.
FTP transmission log
Monitor which files have been transmitted via FTP and which file transmissions are still in the queue.
Logs and statistical analysis
Access the download log for all releases
Monitor which user has downloaded what music titles and when. Now you will always know who has already received your music titles.
Show essential information for each download
Find out all the essential information about your downloads: company, first name, last name, artist, title, track, date, and watermark identification.
Show additional important information for each download
Learn even more about your downloads: user and DJ names of the recipient, IP address, download type (a single file, zip file, automatic podcast subscription download), watermark protected (yes/no), status (completed/in progress/cancelled), current download progress.
Access the download log for a specific release
Access the download log for a specific track
You can call up the download log of a specific track in order to check which recipients have received that particular track.
Access the download log for a specific user
Log Overview
You can access and view an extremely useful log overview for each release. This is your first place to go in order to easily identify the recipients who reacted to a release and those who did not.

The log overview shows you all the recipients who have or had access to a selected release. Discover at a glance how and when each recipient reacted to a release. You can also instantly see when recipients first reacted to the release and if they received a newsletter about that release.

Tremendous benefits compared to conventional logs: You can easily review all recipient reactions conveniently compiled within one compact table. This eliminates the need to flip through the separate pages of logs. You can also effortlessly identify those recipients who have not yet reacted to a release. Use this information to your advantage in follow-up phone calls and e-mails.
Statistical analysis
iPool includes a statistical analysis feature that not only allows you to quickly monitor and assess your recipients' downloading behavior, but also furnishes you with the following analytical findings for each release:

How many downloads were completed
How many users have downloaded at least one track of a particular release
How many downloads each user made of this release (on average)
Track analysis
See how often the individual tracks of a release have been downloaded and by whom.
Export the download log of a specific release
Export the download log of all releases all at once
Exported download log contains essential information
With iPool you can conveniently export all download logs as a CSV file that contains the following information: first name, last name and company of the recipient, as well as the downloaded track.
Exported download log contains additional important information
This download log in iPool Ultimate contains the following additional important information about each download: user name, DJ name, website, country, IP address, artist, title, type of download, watermark, watermark ID, status, progress, and date/time.
Administration log
Make teamwork even easier. iPool maintains a record of all changes made by administrators. You will be able to view these changes in the administration log. This feature will help you understand and track not only what data your colleagues changed in your iPool, but also when they did it.
Managing pools, labels, charts and genres
Create and manage pools
Define your own user categories, such as download shops, VIPs, A-list, B-list, C-list and so forth, which are called "pools" in iPool. Specify which users belong to which pools. Thereafter, you can activate releases exclusively for specific user pools and quickly locate pool members.
Show the creation date of pools
Create and manage sublabels
Create and manage your sublabels and assign them to your releases. Upload label logos which iPool will automatically reduce to a size specified by you. Your media and business partners will instantly see the respective label logo and can quickly find releases of a certain sublabel.
View creator and creation date
Charts management
Record and track who votes for which charts. Whether Billboard, Coolcuts or German DJ Charts, from now on you will know which user votes for what charts, and which of your releases will soon break the charts. You can modify the list and add charts yourself at any time.
Genre management
Define your own genres. Store the genre of all your releases. Enable your recipients to research music selections of a specific genre. Record the preferred music genres of your recipients. Grant access to your releases only to those users who are genuinely interested in the genre of the release. This will help make your promo distribution more accurate and effective.
Individual settings for administrators
Personalized text, subject line and sender for the login reminder
Set the number of download attempts for each user/track
Enable additional downloads
Check IP addresses when enabling addition downloads
Configurable content sharing among administrators
iPool gives you the option of determining whether each content administrator may access only his or her own assets (releases, tracks etc.), or if other content administrators (e.g. colleagues or co-workers) may also access them.
Deactivate the send e-mails function for content administrators
You decide if content administrators will be allowed to send e-mails to your media and business partners.
Set which columns in the download log will be visible to content administrators
Specify the columns in the download log that content administrators may see. You might decide, for example, that content administrators will not be allowed to see certain sensitive information.
Configurable and automatically generated files
Specify the additional files (PDF info sheet, release meta data) that you want iPool to automatically generate for each release and make available for downloading.
Set the structure of file names
You can set the structure of file names for audio files to be downloaded any way you wish. Specify whether the artist, release title, track number or track title will appear in the file name.
Look & feel
Domains available for your iPool
We will register a domain for your iPool free of charge under which your iPool can be accessed. With iPool Advanced your iPool can be accessed under the domain name "companyname.ipool.info", whereby you may choose any company name you wish. With iPool Ultimate your iPool can also be accessed under the domain name "www.companyname.com".
.ipool.info .ipool.info .com .net .org
.de .biz .info .co.uk
Fresh new iPool designs
Completely change the way the graphical user interface looks by using what are called GUI themes. Take your pick by simply clicking one of the GUI themes included with your edition.
1 design 4 designs
Incorporate iPool within your corporate design
Get your own unique iPool look. We will gladly redesign and adapt the graphical user interface of iPool to match your corporate design.
Compatible with laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and tablets
Your recipients can conveniently access your iPool from their iPhone or Android smartphone to stream or download your music from the comfort of their couch or even while on the subway.

We recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer to manage your iPool as the complex information within the administration workspace is too sizable for clear presentation on small smartphone displays.
Custom headings
Enter a text that will be displayed at the top of each web page, such as the name of your company. In iPool Advanced, the iPool logo is displayed instead of custom headings.
Custom window titles
Choose a unique text that will be displayed in the title bar of the browser window as well as in the browser bookmarks.
Customized homepage
Use your own HTML code to design and modify the iPool homepage exactly the way you wish. You can even use different HTML codes for international and German users.
Scroll through views and tables
Use own criteria to sort views and tables
Show and hide columns in a table
Limit table entries
All texts of the iPool software are available both in English and German. If you like, you can also provide your recipients with bilingual descriptions of your releases. Each visitor to your iPool will automatically receive the correct language version.
Language selection
You can change the language that iPool uses at any time. Just click on one of the languages that is displayed.
Encrypted data transmission via HTTPS
iPool supports encrypted data transmission using HTTPS. This enables all data to be transmitted between your iPool and you and all your recipients in a manner that is secure against interception and monitoring.
View current usage
Get a quick look at your iPool's usage in the current month. iPool shows you the amount of traffic to date and the number of MP3 downloads with watermarks in the current month. Along with that you will also see an estimate of the traffic and MP3 downloads with watermarks for the month as a whole. You can also monitor how much storage space your iPool as a whole is using.
Estimate of usage for the current month
See an estimate of the traffic and MP3 downloads with watermarks for the month as a whole.
View detailed usage statistics
Monitor how your iPool is being used. At any time you can see how high the traffic was, how many downloads with an embedded watermark there were, and the storage space used for the last 30 days, the last 12 months, and even the last few years.
Quick navigation
Once you have been using iPool for a while, a quick navigation box appears in the system overview that shows you your favorite pages. This feature allows you to quickly jump to your favorite pages after login.
Test login using universal password
Create a universal password and use it to log on as a random user for test purposes. Go to the login page and enter a user name and the universal password.
View files in the FTP upload area
* You may switch from one iPool edition to the other effective the 1st day of the following month by giving us at least 5 working days’ notice. You may make two edition changes per year at no charge. A fee of € 49 will be charged for each additional switch thereafter.