More features

Create and administer your labels and sublabels

...and assign them to your releases. Upload label logos which iPool will automatically resize to a size specified by you. Your media and business partners will instantly see the respective label logo and can quickly find releases of a certain sublabel.

Genre management

  • Define your own genres.
  • Store the genre of all your releases.
  • Enable your recipients to track down music titles of a specific genre.
  • Grant access to your releases only to users with a great interest for the genre of the release to implement your promo distribution process on a targeted basis.

DJ charts management

Record who votes for which charts.

No matter whether Billboard, Coolcuts or German DJ Charts – from now on you know which user votes for which charts and which single of yours will soon break the charts. At any time, you can alter and extend the charts list yourself.

Create preview versions automatically

iPool can automatically generate a sample for previewing (including fade-in and fade-out) based on the download version. You can select the quality and length of the sample. Thanks to iPool, the strenuous, manual creation of preview versions is a thing of the past.

Set the structure of file names

You can set the structure of file names for audio files to be downloaded any way you wish. Specify whether the artist, release title, track number or track title will appear in the file name.

Find releases and users quickly and easily

The ”finder” enables your media partners to find music titles of a certain artist, label or genre with ease. Thus, your media partners will have locate suitable music titles in your entire repertoire at cyberspeed. Moreover, the finder enables you to quickly track down certain users.

No matter whether you require a list of all licensees from Great Britain or of all users from a single company – a child's play by using the finder.

All of a release’s changes and newsletters at a glance.

You can view a detailed history of the editing and newsletters for each release. This feature provides you with a quick, yet comprehensive, look at all of a release’s changes and newsletters.

  • Easily find out, for instance, if you have already sent newsletters about a release and, if so, to which recipients.
  • It also makes it easy for you to track when which groups and pools were added or removed from the access list. And you can also see how many recipients were in the access list at any given time.
  • You can use this feature when collaborating in a team to see at a glance how and when which of your coworkers changed a release, added tracks, modified access lists or sent newsletters.

Administration log

Make teamwork even easier.

iPool maintains a record of all changes made by content and system administrators. You will be able to view these changes in the Administration Log. This feature will help you understand and track not only which data your colleagues changed in your iPool, but also when they did it.

High-resolution release covers

Supply your media and business partners with high-resolution release covers in printable quality.

When you upload a release cover, iPool also saves this in the original size. Your media and business partners can instantly download the high-resolution cover version. This enables journalists to obtain printable image material.

Full text in English and German

Increase the acceptance of your recipients.

All texts are available both in English and German language. If you like, you can also provide your recipients with multilingual descriptions of your releases.

Moreover, every visitor to your iPool automatically receives the right language. iPool determines the visitor's language and automatically adjusts this. This means there is no manual language switching for your media and business partners.

”Reducing” releases

Free up storage space, quickly and easily.

This feature enables you to easily ”reduce” the size of releases in order to free up storage space. This function is useful when you need free storage space for new releases and don't want to completely remove existing releases.

When you reduce the size of a release, iPool deletes all of the audio files in the release, making the freed up storage space available for new releases. But the release itself remains in your iPool. A reduced release takes up only a minimum amount of storage space.

Automatic deactivation of downloads

Easily control down to the minute how long your releases will be available for downloading.

If you wish, you can now set a time for each release that limits how long your recipients may download the tracks of a given release. No further downloads of tracks will be possible after the time has expired. However, additional files, such as video clips, booklets and press photos, may continue being downloaded.

Protection against hacker attacks

No need to worry.

iPool actively defends against brute force attacks.

A brute force attack is a malicious attempt by someone using a computer program to gain access to your iPool by trying thousands of different user names and passwords. iPool recognizes these attacks and automatically and immediately blocks the attacker’s IP address for a given period of time.

What's more, the login reminder checks requests to ensure that they originate from a real person. iPool successfully wards off automated requests from computer programs.

Support for all major audio formats

iPool supports the compressed audio formats MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis and WMA (Windows Media Audio) as well as the lossless audio formats WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC) and Monkey's Audio.

Conveniently supply high-quality master files to music download shops and licensees. iPool is also a very efficient content distribution tool to download shops and licensees which supersedes contracts with aggregator companies.

“Automagically” read out meta data from tracks

iPool stores a large amount of information for each of your tracks, such as the title, length, file format, ISRC and tempo. iPool extracts most of this data from your files “automagically,” which not only spares you the burden of having to input it manually, but also saves you a lot of time and work.

Detailed usage statistics

Watch the usage of your iPool.

At any time, you can view how high the traffic was, the number of downloads with an embedded watermark, and the storage space used for the last 30 days, the last 12 months, and even the last few years.

System overview

Have a clear overview of the most important key figures of your iPool.

See how much storage space your entire iPool is using, as well as a breakdown of storage space used by data (for releases, users, logs, etc.), media files (audio, pictures, video, etc.), and your temporary FTP uploads. This feature enables you to know precisely how much storage is being used for what purposes.

Invisible comment fields for releases and users

Save invisible information and notes on every release and every user in iPool. This information is visible only to you and not to your recipients.

Extensive configuration options

Perfectly adapt iPool to your needs.

Alter the window title, page titles, image sizes and qualities. Modify the text of the homepage or the application form. Define yourself all the text for automatically sent e-mails.

Creating address labels

Send promotional gifts and commercial gimmicks to your media and business partners by printing address labels directly out of iPool.

Limiting downloads

Avoid abuse of your music.

Define how often a user may download each music title. This will avoid abuse of your music, in case a user hands out his login data to third persons.

View storage space used for each release

Spot space hogs instantaneously.

The overview of your releases contains a column which displays the amount of storage space used by each release.

Quick navigation

Once you've been using iPool a while, a Quick Navigation box appears in the System Overview, showing you your favorite pages. This allows you to quickly jump to your favorite pages after login.

Generate secure passwords automatically

iPool can automatically create secure, random, alphanumeric passwords in the user management.

Content sharing

Allow other content administrators to access your assets.

iPool offers you the option (if you would like) of also allowing other content administrators (such as your colleagues) to access your assets (releases, tracks, etc.). At the same time, you'll receive access to the assets of other content administrators in your iPool.

Encrypted data transmission via HTTPS

Pool supports encrypted data transmission using HTTPS. This enables all data to be transmitted between your iPool and you and all your recipients in a manner that is secure against interception and monitoring.

Easy-to-read user guide

An easy-to-read manual guides you through all the features of iPool.

Login reminder

The login reminder helps your recipients get going without any effort on your part.

If somebody has forgotten their user name or password, entering their e-mail address or user name will suffice, and iPool will immediately serve the current login data by e-mail.

Stay logged in

Always at your service:

You and your recipients can stay logged in to iPool after having logged in only once. Not having to log in repeatedly means that you can work quickly with iPool.

This feature also lets you set browser bookmarks for certain iPool pages. As an example, you can access the page for creating a new release with just one click on its bookmark.

Several modern iPool designs

You can completely alter the graphic user interface of iPool with so-called "GUI themes". Simply choose one of the provided GUI themes.

Adaptable to your corporate design

Get your own, individual iPool look.

We will gladly redesign and adapt the graphic user interface of iPool to your corporate design.

1 For technical reasons, the bitrate of watermark protected MP3 files is limited to 256 kBit/s.