FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Questions (12 Entries)

  • What is iPool?

  • Who will receive our music?

  • How does iPool work?

  • What is the difference between iPool and music promotion agencies?

  • Can we sell our music through iPool?

  • Can we deliver our music to streaming services and music download shops with iPool?

  • If we deliver to streaming services and music download shops, will we have to share our sales revenue with iPool?

  • Who needs iPool?

  • Does iPool also work for independent artists?

  • What are the benefits of iPool?

  • What does B2B distribution mean?

  • When was iPool launched?


Features (11 Entries)

  • What are the features of iPool?

  • Does iPool support previewing of music?

  • Can we provide broadcast quality audio material to our business partners with iPool?

  • Does iPool provide separate logins for sublabels and conneced labels to allow them to submit their own music?

  • How often can we delete music from our iPool?

  • In which audio formats can music titles be stored?

  • Does converting WAV to MP3 reduce the sound quality?

  • How do we add contacts to our iPool?

  • How can I upload music to iPool?

  • Is it possible to get our existing data (e.g. contacts, music catalogue) into iPool?

  • Where can I find screenshots of iPool?


Information for recipients (such as journalists, radio stations, DJs) (2 Entries)

  • I would like to receive the latest music from your customers. Can you send me a list of iPool WWW addresses?

  • How can I join iPool as a journalist, DJ, radio station etc.?


References and Testimonials (3 Entries)

  • How many media and music professionals use iPool?

  • Which awards has iPool received?

  • Do you have any success stories of iPool improving sales?


Security & Watermarking (7 Entries)

  • How does iPool protect our tracks and files from abuse?

  • How is the access to the tracks and files controlled?

  • How does the watermarking work?

  • Is the watermark different for each user in our iPool?

  • Is it also possible to transmit tracks without a watermark?

  • Is watermarking available on all iPool plans?

  • If I find one of my music titles in a sharing network, how can I trace back the originator?


Demo Version (2 Entries)

  • Do you have a free demo version of iPool?

  • What are the limitations of the iPool demo version?


Pricing, Fees, Ordering & General Terms (11 Entries)

  • How much does iPool cost?

  • How do I order iPool?

  • What is the payment pattern?

  • What are the payment options?

  • How long does it take to have our iPool and running once we place the order?

  • What is the term of the contract?

  • What happens if we exceed the inclusive monthly data traffic or the number of watermark protected MP3 downloads?

  • Can I switch from one iPool subscription plan to another one?

  • Do you offer individual iPool subscription plans?

  • What are the shipping costs?

  • Will we have to pay mechanical license fees to Harry Fox, MCPS, SDRM, GEMA, SGAE?


Domains (6 Entries)

  • Is it possible to make our iPool available at our own domain, e.g. ”www.our-company-name.net”?

  • Which domain suffixes (top level domains) are possible?

  • Is it possible to change the domain of our iPool later?

  • Will we have to take care about registering a domain for our iPool?

  • Is it possible to make our iPool available at a sub domain our our existing domain, e.g. ”ipool.our-company-name.net”?

  • Can we set a link to our iPool from our corporate Website?


Installation and System Requirements (7 Entries)

  • How do I install iPool?

  • What are the system requirements of iPool?

  • Can I use iPool on a Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP) machine?

  • Can I use iPool on a Mac or with Linux?

  • Is it possible to install iPool on our own computer or server?

  • Where can I download iPool?

  • Can songs be hosted on an external server?


Customer Support and Services (5 Entries)

  • Can I customize the user (public) frontend to my liking?

  • In which languages can I send enquiries to your support team?

  • How can I reach your support team?

  • When can I reach you by phone?

  • Do you offer training sessions?


The Company Behind iPool (2 Entries)

  • Who invented iPool?

  • When was labeltools founded?