Ultra-fast contact importing

Import the contact data for your media and business partners fast and easy.

This allows you to make your music available to your recipients easily, rapidly and conveniently.

Import contacts from popular programs

Discover how amazingly fast and easy iPool can import your existing contact data from numerous popular programs including Outlook, Outlook Express, Google Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Windows contacts and many more.

Import various Excel or CSV files

You can import your existing contact data from almost any Excel or CSV file. The neatest part of all it is that the Contact Importer is flexible and clever, and automatically recognizes where what information is located. In most cases you can import existing Excel and CSV files directly into iPool without having to reformat them.

Import lists of e-mail addresses

Moreover, you can import simple lists of e-mail addresses. This is a handy feature in those cases when the only contact information you have about a recipient is an e-mail address.

Import contact data by copying and pasting

You can also use copy and paste to import contact data from the clipboard. Just copy the contact data or e-mail addresses from the different software onto the clipboard and then paste it into the import text field.